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The Making of Reality – Starkmuth Publishing: Pay with Bitcoin
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Reader Testimonials
“I must say, your book does not leave any questions unanswered.”
Ralf Neugebauer

Pay with Bitcoin

You can purchase the hardcover book with Bitcoin (BTC) – an international online currency based on secure peer-to-peer technology, which is not (and cannot be) controlled by banks or other central instances. To learn more about Bitcoin, click here.

The BTC price is based on the current Euro/BTC exchange rate. The Euro price is 15.90 €. To promote the Bitcoin idea, we are offering free shipping worldwide for all Bitcoin purchases!

To initiate your Bitcoin payment, please send us a message including your delivery address and e-mail address. We will then e-mail you the exact amount and the Bitcoin address to send the amount to.

Your book is usually shipped on the same or the next workday after your payment is confirmed (which usually takes only minutes with Bitcoin).

By sending your order, you accept our Terms and Conditions, which also include information on your 14-day right to cancel.